When your pet reaches the end of life, what matters most?

A prized toy, a sniff around the yard, the familiarity of a well-worn bed, the safety of home and family. These are the things that bring your pet peace.

At home pet euthanasia allows you to honor all the wonderful moments you have shared together as your dog or cat will end their life surrounded by love. Your time together deserves a good ending.

We can help.

Image of cat for testimonialWe are eternally grateful for the support, kindness and care that Dr. Randall gave to Rocky and us at the end of his life. Her medical expertise was essential in helping us to make the right decisions for Rocky. While this is one of the most difficult times for us, she made the transition gentle, even beautiful. She truly has a gift. We are so fortunate that she came into our lives at this time.

-Diana and Jeff

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Our services focus on making your pet’s end of life peaceful through in-home euthanasia for dogs and cats. Our goal is to work closely with your family to allow your pet to live the best life possible, when every day matters.