Solace Veterinary Services
Has Moved

If there’s one constant in life, it’s change. And since you’re a pet owner, you know this more than anyone!

Solace Veterinary Services has gone through its own big transition in the past few months. As of May 2022, our in-home veterinary services are closed.

But, with all endings comes a new beginning.

Even though Solace has closed, you can still get the guidance you need through my new offering: My Pet’s Advocate.

My Pet’s Advocate is a virtual veterinary consultation service for pet owners. Our consultations are for anyone who seeks guidance and confidence when making important decisions for their pet’s health (especially concerning aging pets, serious illness, and end of life care).

Through an hour-long consultation, we’ll walk through an objective assessment of your pet’s health, demystify complicated medical diagnoses, and guide you in making the right health decisions for your pet.

You can learn more about my new service at

I wish you many happy days ahead with your furry family members. And if things become difficult, I’ll be here to guide you 🐾💜

Dr. Karen Randall

P.S. Thank you for your trust and confidence in Solace and myself over the past many years. You have shared your pets, families, and stories with me, and they have become a part of my own. I have seen so much love (and so many tears) for your furry family members. I will carry your stories with me.

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