I wanted to take a moment and extend a huge thanks to you for the absolutely amazing send off that you helped us give Luna yesterday.  It was such a peaceful, beautiful experience, so much so that after you left, Jackie, Janaye and myself were just overwhelmed by how great it was.  It really gave us an opportunity to feel like we could celebrate Luna, versus focusing on sadness.

I have had multiple animals sent to The Bridge over the years at Vet offices, and I’ve left feeling heartbroken, guilty, and like my pet was a clinical number, just a procedure to be handled.  Luna’s send off felt completely the opposite.

I believe that it takes a special person to provide the kind of care that you do, and I just wanted to thank you again.  You have helped make a situation that could have been absolutely debilitating into something beautiful.  It truly was a tribute to our yellow girl.

-Mary DeMarco

Thank you so much for coming to our home and making a very difficult event as lovely and as easy as possible.

You mix professionalism, empathy, tenderness and compassion more beautifully than any other. We are truly grateful for everything.

-Judy & Bob

As soon as my beloved Nicky, a 13 yr old Shih-Tzu, was diagnosed with cancer, I inquired about veterinarians who specialized in hospice care. Our vet and oncologist recommended Dr. Randall highly.

From our first email contact, her warm professionalism and offer of customized care put me at ease. Her advice for treating Nicky’s symptoms was welcome and wise. During the last week of Nicky’s life, her house calls meant that Nicky could be treated in comfort, at home, without stressful trips to the vet’s office. Jim and I appreciated her attentive presence and information as we talked through the difficult questions and decisions.

At the end, we were able to offer Nicky the peaceful death I had hoped for. Her unhurried care gave us time to say our good-byes and hold Nicky without prolonging his suffering.

Dr. Karen has so much heart combined with so much knowledge and experience. Nicky’s death, after 13 years of mutual unconditional love, has been wrenching and left us bereft. However, I take consolation that, with Dr.Randall’s expertise, we gave Nicky the best care when his life was complete. I have become a huge advocate of veterinary hospice and will spread the word of our most meaningful experience.

-Janet Cromer

Dr. Randall,

Like most dogs, our Jupe experienced the world through his nose. It would sometimes take an hour just to walk around the block. Every blade of grass needed to be sniffed and examined. But as acute as that sense might have been, it took a back seat to his need to touch and be touched in return. It’s what we miss most about him.

We couldn’t help but notice how you touched him that last evening on our front porch-with care, with tenderness, with love. We are more than grateful that the last hands he felt were yours. Thank you for guiding us all through this.

-Mark & Michael