Pet hospice care is a fairly new concept in veterinary medicine that is modeled after human hospice practices.

It has comfort at its core. It’s about finding ways to help aging and terminally ill pets live fully, despite their illness.

At its best, pet hospice care utilizes the most current practices in pain management and palliative care for its patients and provides support, education and guidance for its families.

Our approach to your pet’s hospice care starts with a review of their medical records, followed by a 2 hour initial in-home consultation. The initial visit will allow us to observe your pet at home, look for challenges in the environment, perform a physical exam, and sit down with your family to discuss your goals, questions and concerns.

A customized care plan will be developed that takes into account your pet, your needs and your situation. Follow up visits will occur at varied intervals based on the disease process and the needs of the patient and family.

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Families choose pet hospice care for many reasons. It can be a final way of saying “thank you” for years of love, devotion, companionship and protection. Sometimes it’s about the emotional support and guidance that hospice provides.

Maybe it’s about a promise to spare them the fear of another trip to the veterinary clinic.

Sometimes it’s about not having to go through the journey alone.

Whatever the reason, pet hospice care has its biggest impact when started early, before a crisis occurs.

When a cure is not possible, our pets still deserve the highest quality care to keep them as comfortable and pain-free as possible and to experience death with dignity and compassion.

Dr. Karen has so much heart combined with so much knowledge and experience. From our first email contact, her warm professionalism and offer of customized care put me at ease. Her advice for treating Nicky’s symptoms was welcome and wise. I have become a huge advocate of veterinary hospice and will spread the word of our most meaningful experience.

– Janet

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