From the moment your pet entered your life, you made a promise to always make them feel safe and loved.

The gift of in-home pet euthanasia allows you to continue to honor that commitment, when they are feeling most vulnerable.

Our unhurried appointments allow you to say goodbye in their favorite place, surrounded by comforting smells, favorite things and the people they love.

There is no better way to honor their life and your love.

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Is in-home pet euthanasia the right choice for my dog or cat?

Many people choose to euthanize a pet at home as it gives them the option to choose a quiet place in which your pet will be most comfortable. It also allows for an opportunity to pay tribute to your pet through a ceremony or gathering of friends and family.

Should children be present?

Even the youngest child can be present during a pet euthanasia, as long as they are well prepared and supported by the adults in their life. It is often a child’s first experience with death, so openness, honesty and sensitivity are important.

If parents are comfortable, children should be asked if they want to be present. In my experience, many do, but many want to be part of the good byes and then choose to leave for the actual procedure.

Should other pets be present?

Other pets in the household may also be present. It is not uncommon for another pet to act depressed or “lost” when their housemate is suddenly missing. It seems there is more understanding when they are able to see and smell the body of their friend.

We are eternally grateful for the support, kindness and care that Dr. Randall gave to Rocky and us at the end of his life. Her medical expertise was essential in helping us to make the right decisions for Rocky. While this is one of the most difficult times for us, she made the transition gentle, even beautiful. She truly has a gift. We are so fortunate that she came into our lives at this time.

-Diana and Jeff

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