One of the most important determinants of a pet’s quality of life is whether they are experiencing pain.

Chronic pain is very prevalent in our companion animals, but is often unrecognized, untreated or undertreated. Many behavior changes associated with chronic pain are simply written off as “old age”. Chronic pain and its associated mobility challenges are a leading consideration in the decision to euthanize a pet, especially large breed dogs.

Solace Veterinary Service can offer pain relief for dogs and cats in the comfort of your own home.

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Our approach to pain relief for dogs and cats starts with identifying the sources, causes and degree of pain in your pet, initiating treatment and regularly assessing their response to treatment.

Excellent chronic pain management often utilizes a number of different treatments, referred to as a multimodal approach. Our goal is to affect as many pain pathways as possible by addressing the “normal”, or adaptive pain, as well as the maladaptive pain that can develop when there has been longstanding inadequately managed pain.

With a dedicated family and an effective pain management plan, many pets will experience an increase in their daily activity and a renewed interest in life!

How do I recognize if my animal is in pain?

Significant changes in your pet’s gait, posture and activity level are often signs of an animal in pain. While many pets adapt their behaviors in an attempt to relieve discomfort, if your pet seems reluctant to play, exercise, or even interact with you they may be experiencing pain.

Dr. Randall, I want to again express my gratitude for how you’ve not only been a “part” of this process, but the compassion and the “you” that you gave us. We will be forever grateful. I can’t imagine going through this without you. It is so clear how much you understand pet/people bond, and you do a great service to both.

– Jo & Joe

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